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Company Introduction

CSS is a leading, China-based sourcing agent. We offer a comprehensive range of China sourcing solutions across the supply chain in a way that balance total cost, quality control and delivery time, while avoid risks of cross-national trade. Our service ranges across OEM sourcing, transactional sourcing, sourcing management and sourcing advisory.

Through hard work of all our staffs, we have achieved an average savings of approximately 25% for clients (within a range of 5-45% savings) since CSS opening. We have managed sourcing transactions of more than USD 80 million for consumers from over 60 countries in the last 8 years.

With years of delivering sourcing solutions for worldwide clients, we have rich experience in sourcing more than 60 product categories across consumer products, raw materials and mechanical equipment. Our engineers team is well aware of kinds of production process and cost breakdown analysis.

With our vast business network, our sourcing database collects more than 5,500 excellent manufacturers, with close to 2,000 pre-qualified. The database covers 60 industries, and is still growing. Our business network around all industrial regions in China. All our customers can get transparent pricing under our professional quality management. With our assistance, you can directly source from the excellent Chinese manufacturers.

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